Introducing the Chariot, Chariot LX, and the super

                                                               surfer. Newly refined. Built low to hug rolling terrain

                                                              and equipped 7-gauge fabricated steel decks, 8 gallon                                                                                                                                                                fuel tank, and a hand lever makes cutting-height adjust-

                                                              ment easy.


17hp,19hp, 23,or 25hp with 3 different deck sizes.

Large Selection of Dandy Dump Trailers

Low center of gravity and wide stance allow for excellent traction.

7 guage steel with 4 rollers to provide a manicured look.

Optional bagging system with 14 bushel capacity.

The Super Surfer broke all the rules. Our customers routinely see a 30-40% decrease in mowing time.

High back suspension seat with armrests can be quickly

adjusted without tools.

This machine's 18-25 hp, 48" to 61" floating decks follow the ground contours and leave your grass trimmed to perfection.

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